By Raymond Palma

The Fine Line Between this World and the Next

The purpose of this writing is to explain the unique way that I met Raymond in the year 1996. I still marvel over it today, seventeen years later. Before I elaborate on those details, I need to expound upon the concepts I was taught in early childhood that now provide the foundations upon which my consciousness rests today.

At approximately the age of six, I was taught spiritual concepts that are the complete opposite of what the general world thought believes to be true. These concepts were presented to me before doubt, fear, and negative suggestion could gain a firm foothold in my consciousness. I learned that there is only one power in the universe, that it is the Source of all good and that I was loved unconditionally by God. When we accept this premise as true, it logically follows that the belief in sin and the subsequent condemnation of man, as a sinner, simply is not true. In God’s eyes I am His perfect child right now and forever. Another teaching that meant a great deal to me is that through prayer we have access to the all-knowing Divine Mind. The beauty of it all was that I was a young, innocent and obedient child who believed what I was taught.

My first demonstration of the proof of these teachings came to me at the tender age of seven, that was the very first time that I heard the Voice, but I assure you, not the last. At the time, I was under great pressure to find my swimsuit that I hadn’t seen since the previous summer. I began to vigorously search various areas of my bedroom to no avail. Out of nowhere, the thought came to me that I should turn to God in prayer and ask Him to tell me where it was; because I knew that God was all knowing. I left my bedroom and went into the living room, sat down on the couch humbly asking God for the answer- I fully expected an answer, although I had no idea of what form it would take. Then in the silence, a Voice spoke, neither male nor female, delivering a message to the listener with a sense of absolute authority. I was told to go to a certain dresser and to a specific draw and that the suit was in far left corner. I followed the directions and there it was, I rejoiced and was most grateful for this demonstration that provided personal proof of my access to, and my divine connection to the omniscient quality of God. Since the Source regards all of us equally we can conclude that we all have equal access to the Divine right now. The Voice has been, and is a loving companion in my life; so it was no surprise when I heard the Voice in reference to my meeting with Raymond in 1996.

At that time, I was the manager of Publishers Warehouse Book Store in the Bellport Long Island Outlets. The day of our meeting, I was scheduled to work from early afternoon to closing at 9PM. I received a phone call in the afternoon from a man who asked what time we closed, I responded 9PM, and the caller said “good, I’ll be in later”- we then hung up. Immediately upon hanging up, a voice clearly said, “you and this man will be friends for life.” The thought came to my mind that I didn’t know this man and I wondered how I would recognize him; I dismissed the thought and I continued with my work. Later in the early evening, a young man came in with a young lady. I greeted them and asked if I could assist them in finding any books. The man said they were interested in metaphysical books and then I proceeded to take them to that section. We ended up speaking on the subject in great depth and I remember feeling the excitement of the flow of spiritual energy that always is present during this type of conversation. I already was feeling a strong connection to this man and felt comfortable enough to ask him if he called in the afternoon to ask what time we closed. His response was “yes I did.” I then shared the message with him and we have been friends for seventeen years life, even working together in retail at various times. I expect to be friends with Raymond for the rest of my life as I know that the still small voice always speaks the truth.

***Bloggers Note:  This blog was written by my close friend Jane.  It was her and others encouragement that I began a journey into deeper dimension into what we call ‘reality’ and especially, other ‘dimensions’.