By Raymond Palma

Comics by Ray Palma

“Ralph the Clammer” is based on my experiences living my life in a water-based community.  Ralph is a composite of many fishermen/clammers who make their living solely by the sea. Ralph is a seasoned clammer who finds himself in odd situations while clamming on the bay.  While mostly alone on his boat, Ralph does have other companions that he interacts with: boat guests such as his son and his dog, his fellow fishermen/clammers on the bay and the tiki bar restaurant and patrons, among others. Modern electronic devices such as his cell and a notepad keep Ralph in touch with reality with daily frustrations.  He is an old-fashioned, simple-values man who loves working the bay while society and modern culture mash-up with him in a unique, sublime way.

“Metro-Mike” is a metrosexual 30-something year old man living in an urban setting. He is a highly- refined, college-educated and well-groomed person who believes he knows what’s best for him and others in every situation, as mundane as the scene may appear to other people. He turns his daily interactions with pedestrian people into a micro-management, higher-than-thou power struggle, all while not ruffling his designer clothing.

“Jennifer & Christine: Super, Duper Karen’s” is based on, what else, the millions of Karen’s in the world helping to make the world an ugly, me, me culture.  

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