By Raymond Palma

Neptunes Beach Club



The Big Fish Sign Welcomes You

Sitting beside the club Summers and across the street from the Drift Inn, Neptunes Beach Club stood for decades as everyone’s go-to club for PAR-TAY music!  Situation right on the ocean, it had two huge outdoor bars and it played party music from the 60’s through the 2000’s.


The Sign on Dune Road

Maximum Occupancy Sign: Courtesy of Brian Neal  

It had a reputation for being the Boardy Barn on the water.

World Famous DJ’s
World Famous DJ’s

Neptunes Beach Club has world-famous DJ’s.   They even battled the DJ’s on the Jersey shore and compiled a cd entitled Hamptons vs. Jersey Shore!







Good Loving song video and Run Around Sue song video on the huge outdoor deck 1986.   And the group Full House plays a set in 1989.

Outdoor Ocean Deck!
Outdoor Ocean Deck!

2006 Dance Party Video with DJ Serge DeVant

Vic Calderone LDW 2008 Video 

DJ Boris July 4th 2010

Opening day MDW 2011 DJ Theo 

Outdoor Ocean Deck!

Some dudes just going nuts on the dance floor.   And yet, some more dudes going nuts on the dance floor.   And one more dude tearing it up.


Cell Phones Came of Age in Neptunes Era
Signs of the good times
Signs of the good times

The lines of cars waiting to enter Neptunes along with other noise problems by Karen neighbors made the town of Southampton crack-down on the paradise club.




The club had gone to court several times, but alas, politics in the Hamptons killed yet another tropical nightclub on the ocean.  But not before a big legal fight.

Save Neptunes! Please

The pleas went unheard as Neptunes Beach Club has now become a museum.  Wanna meet me at the “museum” and sneak a drink in while we silence disco the good ole’ days?