By Raymond Palma

My Cat Speaking to Me: Love Transcends Material Belief

This true story is about Raymond and his ten-year-old cat named Scungilli. Ray was looking for a black calico kitten and while his siblings all ran and hid, Scungilli walked right up to him, very unafraid and friendly. A very special innate bond was there from the beginning and further developed over time.

In October of 2008, Scungilli was now ten years old and Ray called me and asked if I would do a Silva reading for Scungilli, telling me only that he was under par. So, I went to level and brought him in. I saw him clearly, he looked perfect from the outside and looked healthy. My next thought was, I guess I have to go inside to get more information, then the voice spoke and said he has a problem with his elimination system. So, I thought, so that is what is wrong and I sent loving thoughts and healing to him. I was just about ready to count my way back to beta when the voice spoke again. It began, I love Raymond, he is so good to me and is such a good owner, I could feel my own emotion welling up inside me as I listened to this expression of deep love realizing that it was Scungilli that was speaking.

Through the years I’ve done readings on animals, but in all my experience none had ever spoken to me via the voice. I was in awe, but not astonished. Then a brief pause and he continued, you must tell Raymond goodbye for me- I will be gone within thirty days. Then there was complete silence and I proceeded to count my way back to beta. I carefully contemplated all of this information and decided I would tell Raymond everything except the goodbye message; and would only reveal that part if he pressed me. So I told Ray what had transpired during the reading and when I mentioned a problem with his elimination system he said “Jane you hit the nail on the head, that is his problem.” Two different blood tests had revealed that his kidneys were beginning to fail.

I continued on and told him how Scungilli actually talked to me and told me how much he loved you and what a wonderful owner you are. I could tell by Ray’s voice that he was deeply touched by this communication. Then he said, “Jane, he will be all right, won’t he? At this point I felt compelled to answer him; so I told him about the goodbye part of his message, it was very emotional for both of us.  Scungilli’s deep love for his owner and his strong desire to say goodbye coupled with Raymond’s love of his cat set the stage for this communication to take place.

I am very grateful that Ray asked me to do this reading and also to Jose Silva for his pioneering research which has given us the great gift of the Silva Mind Method. The Silva meditation program provides the road that we need to travel, so that we can open the doors within our consciousness to all forms of communication, information and intuition. This wealth of information is in consciousness right now and always has been.

***Bloggers Note: The following Blog was written by my friend Jane who helped me to come to terms with my dying cat. ****