By Raymond Palma

CPI’s of Hampton Bays

The Road Sign for CPI’s on Montauk Highway
           The Outside of Canoe Place Inn
            The Large Entrance

One of the largest clubs in the Hamptons bar none was CPI’s – Canoe Place Inn, on Montauk highway in Hampton Bays.

The club has an interesting history behind it. CPI’s, or Canoe Place Inn started as a stage coach stop and tavern in 1739.  New York State governor Al Smith used the inn for 30 years as his summer retreat.  World Heavy Weight Champion John L. Sullivan trained for his fight with Gentleman Jim Corbett in 1892 at the inn as well.  Other notable guests of the inn were Lucy Ball, Desi Arnez and US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Since the 1960’s, the inn was modified and changed to become a nightclub, OBI’s East, short for the Oak Beach Inn (the original OBI was located on Oak Beach on Jones Beach Island).

In the early 80’s the club was sold and it was re-branded the Canoe Place Inn, more commonly referred to CPI’s.

CPI’s had a multitude of dance floors and outdoor patios.  The main dance floor was called the Grand Ballroom.  Here you would be entertained by the hottest DJ’s of that time, while experiencing one of New York’s hottest light and sound systems.  The largest indoor dance floor on Long Island.

Largest Dance Floor on Lon Island
Packed Dance Floor

Jonathan Synder live at CPI’s in 2005.

Missing You remix on the big ass dance floor at CPI’s. 

From the Ballroom you find yourself in the Hampton Room featuring a great pizzeria and lounge area. As you meander through the Pub Dance Hall you would find live top 40 bands and a DJ spinning your favorite hip hop.

The club had a small convenience store where you could buy items such as cigarettes, cologne, aspirins and condoms along with other small toiletries.

There were also two retail stores in the club that catered to women, or to men looking to please their women.  These two boutique shops were a lingerie and a shoe store.

Lingerie and other sexy clothing
Shoe Boutique Store

The club even had a billiard lounge for those who liked to play pool, as well as arcade games. If you walk out the museum door you would find yourself at the Bar Under The Stars outdoor patio featuring 2 live bands.

Outdoor Live Venue

Next to the live venue was a pizzeria, a Sabrett hotdog stand, and a sushi bar.

Sushi Bar on outside deck
One of the longest bars

If you were to enter the small Queen Ann room just off the outside deck, the DJ in there would spin dance classics and rock sing-alongs.

The club would host releases parties where actors promoting their latest TV series or movie would come and mingle with guests.  Free promotional TV or movie paraphernalia were given out.

Famous world DJ’s such as DJ Tiesto and Jonathan Synder were just some of the DJ’s who would stop by CPI’s as part of their world circuit tours.

Here, DJ Jonathan Synder spins the hottest music one night back in 2005.

The club closed in 2009.

Since then, the owners have been successfully saved the landmark building by reverting it back into an Inn, which would serve as a hotel and catering hall with a tavern.