By Raymond Palma

"By Raymond Palma"
Comics. Writer. Marketer. Poet. All-Around Renaissance Man

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Comics By Ray

I grew up on the water, so naturally my first comic strip 'Ralph the Clammer' was inspired by living on the water. Thankfully I did not drown - since I tread water carefully. I later created the ultimate surviving hipster; 'Metro Mike'.

Published Writings By Ray

From writing about everyday people, to celebrities, to in-depth exposés: I've been published in myriad periodicals for myriad audiences in myriad genres all over the myriad...... (That's a lot of myriads!)

Marketing By Ray

One of the benefits of being a writer, comedian and a poet: I can read an audience. Which lends itself well to marketing products and services. Take a look for yourself at my ideas in action!

Articles By Ray

Magazines. Newspapers. Television. Radio. Trade publications. You name it. Or even if you can't. I've been asked to contribute myself or my personal touch to many-an-article. Read on to see why!

TV And Radio By Ray

I've been writing speculation scripts for sitcoms and dramas for over 20 years now. Click through for a sample or two to get an idea how my adaptive mind works.

Honors And Awards By Ray

Mentions and accolades from 'A listers'. Nods from editors. Kudos from scholars. Restraining orders from friends. This is just a taste of what others think of me and my work. So far!

More By Ray

From press releases, to running celebrity auctions, to writing poetry, to lurking when I smell a hot camera is afoot, I am that centuries-old renaissance man - living in the digital stoner age.

Blog Articles By Ray

Politics, marketing, life, culture, people, or my personal fav - my Hampton's partying series. My blogs span bridges and underground tunnels.

Committed To Tasteful (or Untasteful) Comedy

Need Writing Help?

If you need assistance with; a TV or movie script, finalizing a few punchlines to nail down a set or a monologue, or help getting started in the writing business – I’d be more than happy to connect with you.

Ray Palma's Writing Portfolio

My Comics & Cartoons

Cartoons from the recesses of my prolific mind. Meet Ralph The Clammer and Metro Mike.

Working With Writers

Learned important TV writing lessons from top talent; Letterman, O'Brien and more

Imitative Scripts & Radio Bits

Imitative scripts, skits and storyboards from TV sitcoms, to radio bits and more.​

Articles By Ray Palma

I've been asked to contribute to or just add my personal touch to many-an-article.

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