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Wayne Williams: Photographer to the Stars

Exhibits “America’s Vanishing Landscapes” at Port Jefferson Gallery

Who is Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams, whose career spans three decades, brings his PhotoArt to Long Island for the first time to
Port Jefferson.

Wayne has had an eclectic career. He worked as an editorial, advertising and illustrative photographer for
over 25 years with clients ranging from Alcoa to Disney to Nissan. As a photographer to the stars, Wayne
has photographed at their request or for the covers and inside articles of countless magazines ranging from
Rolling Stone, Redbook, Good Housekeeping to Ladies Home Journal, Parade and People, hundreds of
celebrities including Jay Leno, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Edwards and Courtney Cox to name a few.
Wayne’s wife, Marsha Posner Williams, is an Emmy winning producer of memorable sitcoms such as
Soap, Benson, Amen, Night Court and The Golden Girls.

The Beginning
For the past six years Wayne has been creating his art utilizing the latest technology, mostly computer
related imagery, to help create what people are calling a global gallery. In that time Wayne has been
creating a unique series of natural images, which express his love for the truth that nature and art belong
with us; it nourishes our spirit. He begins by searching out the perfect location and relishes in the
excitement of capturing that sentiment on film; that singular magic moment that nature and light provide.
Each of these locations is a place of meditation. Then after working his skills in today’s state of the art
darkroom, he finally outputs the nature images on an Iris Printer. The prints are done on 35” x 47” sheets of
high quality 500-lb. cotton fiber/water paper called Somerset. The paper is ideal for it absorbs the Inks and
it seals with special UV coating to protect the images from spillage. You will simply be left asking is it a
painting or is a photograph?

What’s Coming to Port Jefferson
While having a successful gallery on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA, Wayne was encouraged to bring his
breathtaking and unique twist of art to Long Island. He will proudly be displayed from August 3, 2000
through the summer months at Eastern Image Gallery, located at 244 East Main Street in Port Jefferson,
NY 11777, phone 631-642-3760. The gallery is opened Thursday and Friday
from noon to 6 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. Displayed will be 12 framed limited
edition pieces, six small and six mediums. The theme of the exhibition will be “America’s Vanishing

“I want people to be concerned with the land and the rate at which it is being over run by our growing
population,” says Wayne.

James Brisciana, owner of the new Eastern Image Gallery, has been in business since November 1999. He
says he wants to exhibit local artists. Wayne will be the first artist that he has accepted as part of his global
photo exhibit.