By Raymond Palma

About Ray Palma

In life, some of us ‘do’, some of us ‘observe’ and sometimes – some of us do and observe and then we convey it to others with our individualist expression.

From an early age I have used my creativity to further myself.  I am the proud creator and writer of two comic strips; Ralph the Clammer and Metro Mike. Both of which are currently being published in The Hamptons and on Fire Island and previously published in Dan’s Papers in The Hamptons as well. From the newspapers the Southampton Press to Dan’s Papers, both in Southampton, New York to writing for trade publications such as The Comic Bible and for The Hollywood Scriptwriter, I have been honored to have met and interviewed diverse people as well as various establishments. From writing speculation scripts for sitcoms and for talk-shows such as Roseanne and Seinfeld, to David Letterman and Conan O’Brien, comedy is my forte.

I have modeled for Swatch Watches and served as an extra for Comedy Central and for MTV.

As a published writer, I have worked for several newspaper as a writer such as The Southampton Press.  I understand how to interact with professionals as I have personally interviewed them for various publications. My blogs run the gamut of topics. Two blogs I wrote talk about advertising and how new media is used.  I can write compelling press releases. In high school I severed as a street reporter for a local newscast; while as an adult I began to write several speculation scripts for various sitcoms.

My sales & marketing initiatives cross a multitude of companies.  I developed a 40-page marketing campaign for a vineyard where I used the various services and the products on the property to promote the business.  At WLIW Channel 21, I created a unique celebrity marketing  for their fundraising. I secured celebrity items for the Long Island Film and TV Foundation and I created precise and all inclusive budget reports as well as breaking-down budgets.

I earned my B.A. in Organizational Management from St. Joseph’s College.  I also completed an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in communications at a local SUNY College.