By Raymond Palma




For many years I traveled to the Eastern-End of Long Island to collect free newspapers and magazines regarding culture, nightlife, and news.

Many times, it took me a week or longer to skim-through or read the publications.

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 exploded in the sky over the ocean near Smith Point Park, in Shirley, NY.  I grew up and lived in that and the surrounding town all my life.

Like everybody around the country, and especially for us in New York and on Long Island, I was shocked and devastated as news-crew from News 12 Long Island were on a boat with a video showing debris, and sadly, dead people floating in the water.

As the weeks turned into months and years, we all wanted to believe what the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the joint New York Police Department Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) told the public:  That it was an accident caused by flammable fuel vapors in the center fuel tank.

Here is the “official account” according to Wikipedia.

Two weeks after TWA Flight 800 exploded into the water, I began to read a newspaper article in a publication called The Independent.  The date of the publication is July 3, 1996.  On page 86, was a small news story about a bomb or a rocket being found in the woods near Westhampton near Sunrise Highway.

When I saw this news item, I clipped it out and I kept it in my wallet to show people.  At the time, many people claimed to have seen a flair going up to the sky from the ground.  So, in my encounters with people, I would show them the news article from two weeks prior.

From all the news reports and detailed news articles I read, I don’t recall any newspapers or broadcasters referring to the article in the newspaper I had clipped out.

I had long since lost that newspaper clipping, but I would from time-to-time talk about it with people here and there.  About 10 years ago, I began to mention to a person I had befriended.  It was this period of time that my computer and cell phone is being hacked.  I am also having problems with food and other consumables in my house.  This is going on 10 years now.  Is this the connection to my making public my knowledge of this article that I had long lost?

After research and research, I finally found a copy of the page of that newspaper and the article about the bomb or rocket being found.

I feel that the federal government has lied to us for 21 years.

Here is a copy of the page and a close-up of the article itself. The article is on right side, entitled, “Bomb’s Away”.

The Independent Newspaper Edition July, 3, 1996

A close of the article called, “Bomb’s Away”.

The Article about the Bomb or Rocket